Boys Republic Interview

In preparation for Boys Republic’s upcoming European tour, we’ve done a short interview with them to see how they’re feeling about their London concert on July 4th!

Many thanks to Torpedo Productions for translating our questions and the group’s answers for us.

Boys Republic London

You will be performing in a lot of European countries for The Royal Tour. Did you ever expect you’d be travelling the globe when you first debuted and are you surprised by the international reach of Kpop?

많은 유럽의 국가에서 <로열 투어 유럽 2015> 공연을 진행할 예정입니다. 처음 데뷔했을 때 이렇게 다른 나라에서 공연하리라고 예상했었나요? 전세계에 부는 K-POP 열풍에 대해서는 어떻게 생각하나요?

데뷔 했을 때는 상상도 못했던 유럽투어를 하게 되어서 영광입니다, 저희가 더 열심히 해서 K-POP을 더 알리고 싶어요.

We’re very honoured that we will be performing in European countries and will enjoy more people know KPOP worldwide!

It’s almost your 2 year anniversary, which member has changed the most in terms of how they were pre-debut and now?

데뷔 2주년을 맞았습니다. 데뷔 전과 후 가장 달라진 멤버가 있다면?

민수!, 많이 여유로워 진 것 같아요

Minsu! He is now more relaxed not get anxious with stuff.

Boys Republic

Your last single “The Real one” was very energetic and powerful. The teasers for your 4th single look very summery and different, what can we expect from your next single “Hello”?

지난 앨범 진짜가 나타났다는 굉장히 에너지가 넘치고 파워풀 했습니다. Hello의 경우 이전 앨범과는 다른 느낌이던데 Hello는 어떤 분위기의 곡인가요?

헤어진 여인을 회상하며 추억하는 분위기의 곡 입니다

The song expresses a man reminiscing the past love

Is this your first visit to the UK and do you have any places you’d particularly like to visit or things you want to do in London?

첫 영국 방문일텐데, 런던에서 꼭 가보고 싶은 곳이나 좋아하는 물건이 있다면?

에미레이트 스타디움, 아스날 홈 구장에 가보고 싶어요

Emriates Stadium! We’d love to go to Arsenal home stadium

[So Woong] Hello 1

Have you chosen any songs especially for a UK/European audience?

영국/유럽의 팬들을 위해 추천해주고 싶은 소년공화국의 곡은?

비디오 게임

Wed like to recommend Video Game. Good dance and good energy.

Are there any English musicians you’re a particular fan of, or are there any English songs you’d like to cover?

좋아하는 영미권(영국, 미국 등) 아티스트가 있나요? 커버해보고 싶은 팝송이 있다면?

Lately we are into Up-town funk by Mark Ronson

[Sung Jun] Hello 1

For European fans wanting to visit South Korea, what would be your recommendations? What is your favourite thing to do in South Korea?

한국에 방문할 계획이 있는 유럽 팬들에게 해주고 싶은 말은? 한국에서만 할 수 있는 일들 중에 가장 좋아하는 일은?

I recommend them to visit Gyeongbok Palace. It was very beautiful. And of course Korea is good for shopping!!

Can each member pick their favourite and least favourite member to sit next to on a long plane journey and why?

엄청 긴 비행을 해야 하는 상황이라면, 가장 같이 앉고 싶은 멤버와 옆자리에 앉는 걸 피하고 싶은 멤버?

원준 성준 민수, 수웅

선우 수웅 민수

성준 원준 민수

민수 수웅 성준

수웅 선우 선우

Want to be with Don’t want to be
One Junn Sung Jun Min Su/Su Woong
Sun Woo Su Woong Min Su
Sung Jun One Junn Min Su
Min Su Su Woong Sung Jun
Su Woong Sun Woo Sun Woo

[Sun Woo] Hello 1

What are your hopes for Boys Republic’s future? Do you have any individual dreams like song writing, acting, choreographing, presenting etc.?

소년공화국의 미래를 위한 바람이 있다면? 작곡, 작사, 연기, 안무 창작 등 개인적인 꿈이 있다면?

보이즈 리퍼블릭 앨범 프로듀싱을 해보고 싶어요

We’d like to produce our album.

You were the 2014 ambassadors for Korean Federation of Youth to promote youth development activities conducted by schools and youth training institutions. What was it like being the ambassadors and working with children?

2014년에 한국청소년연맹 홍보대사를 했습니다. 아이들과 함께할 그 홍보대사 활동은 어땠나요?

많은 학생들에게 학교를 다니는 즐거움을 조금이나마 느끼게 해 줄 수 있어서 좋았어요

It was really fun visiting schools and spent time with students. We got good energies from them.

[Min Su] Hello 1

We hope their replies have got you excited for the rapidly approaching concert! To find out more about their London performance, please visit this link and learn where to buy tickets and more.


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