Crossy Road – Korean Update


Any fans of mobile game Crossy Road?

Crossy Road is a game where you… *drumroll* cross the road. But oh no it’s not that simple, actually it is that simple, but sometimes the simplest ideas are the best and this is one addictive little game. In this game you take on a character and try to cross the road, dodging cars, raging rivers and the occasional Alligator/Crocodile. The screen also moves along so you better hurry up or that eagle’s going to snatch you up like a defenceless puppy in the Australian outback.

Crossy Road Korean updateSo far this game has had very cool British and Australian updates where you can cross the road as a Fancy Gent, a Queens Guard or a duckbilled platypus. But now there is a very exciting new update featuring PSY! Yes there is now a Korean update on Crossyroad where you can cross the road as not only PSY but as a Korean Drummer, a Seonbi, a plate of Kimchi(?!) or a Korean BBQ if that takes your fancy. Or even famous K-Drama Actor… “K-Drama Actor” (they obviously should have contacted us for a name #TeamKimSooHyun no wait #TeamLeeMinHo we’re also really loving Choi Jin Hyuk and how can we forget Jang Geun Suk?! Ok we’ll let you off for this generic character Crossy Road. We get it, how could you have chosen from such a vast number of popular actors out there?). Anyway so how did this update come about:

According to Andy Sum, This new Korean update is a thank you to the game’s legion of South Korean fans.”Korea is one of the countries where Crossy Road has been the most popular,” he said. “So we wanted to make something really special for our fans there, as a thank you for playing our game.”The development team traveled to South Korea to research their topic before designing their content. They also partnered up with the Korean pop star: Psy.Crossyroad.wikia

You can either play the game to collect coins to unlock the characters as special prizes or pay for them as an add on if you just really really need to be that plate of kimchi crossing the road asap.

Unfortunately PSY is a special add on which cannot be won with coins and will require payment of £2.29 and is only available for purchase until September 25th 2015. But this is a very special add on that is pretty much a whole new game in itself:

Psy unlocks Dance mode, which is unique to Psy only. The dance mode has its own unique theme and score counting. In the dance mode, the player needs to follow a black dance floor as they traverse the game’s tricky terrain, which lights up when the player is on it. When on it, there will be colorful lights, music, and the Psy will be doing dance moves if on the dance floor. Before getting or leaving the dance floor, he will say things like “Let’s go!,” “Oh, yeah!,” and Korean sentences. Skyscrapers, the paparazzi and fans, and random explosions will also occur during gameplay. The Crossy Road logo translates into a Korean logo.Crossyroad.wikia

And Crossy Road has actually partnered with PSY and got him to do the voice recordings for the game himself!

Crossy Road Korean update 길건너 친구들

With the Korean characters, the environment also changes like the Australian update. Here you will be crossing the road amongst skyscrapers with lots of new trucks added into the traffic including food trucks driving by with their hoards of fruit and veg in the back. The train has even been changed to the Korean Metro system with the iconic green colour and are those blue buses we see driving around? We can’t be 100% sure as they are driving so slowly and sensibly… With the K-Drama Actor character you also have the additional obstacle of screaming fans and paparazzi to dodge and by dodge we mean pose for to ensure they get a good photo, a very cute touch we think.

To find out more about Crossy Road and the Korean update do check out this YouTube video of gameplay:

Or why not just get stuck in and play yourself. Crossyroad is available for FREE on iPad, iPhone, Windows Phone, and Android. Seoul Chicken is available straight away for FREE! No collecting coins and waiting!

Dearest Hipster Whale we are loving the new update to this already awesome game.


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