Boys Republic in London – The Concert

It’s been a slow year for Kpop in the UK but there are lots of exciting things happening in the latter half of 2015 so watch this space! And the first Kpop act to come over this year did not disappoint; getting us all revved up and excited again with their powerful choreography sprinkled with an excessive amount of aegyo!

Boys Republic London European Tour 2015 O2 Islington

Boys Republic performed at O2 Islington on Saturday 4th July and we would firstly like to give a big thumbs up to organisers B7Klan & Torpedo Productions for venue selection as it was perfectly intimate and an excellent view all round. The concert even started on time which is quite a feat!

As Boys Republic burst onto the stage we are reminded of just how deafening a Kpop concert can be and not because of the music blasting from giant speakers. The audience screams were insane due to the fact that the already very handsome Boys Republic were even more ridiculously good looking in real life. And it didn’t end there, Boys Republic continued to charm us all though the night with their talent and aegyo.

Boys Republic started the night in suits and performed their more powerful and energetic singles to kick start the night. When it got to the introduction they showed their more playful side as they chatted to the audience. Because of the lower stage, we can see the boys constantly talking directly to fans and posing for individual photos, it was the ultimate fan service concert.

Boys Republic London European Tour Minsu 2015

We’ve seen Boys Republic perform in South Korea before but didn’t know a lot about the group in general, not because they weren’t good; they were just a victim of too many Kpop boy groups. But on that warm summers night, Onejunn, Sunwoo, Sungjun, Minsu and the adorable Suwoong changed all that and earned a permanent space in our hearts.

The solo stages came quite early in the night and to be honest they can be hit or miss especially if you’re not too familiar with the band. But Sunwoo was first and came on stage to show us all why he is lead vocalist. It all started with a familiar melody and then we realised Sunwoo was singing in English and it was the ultimate lady killer tune Angels by Robbie Williams. The whole crowd swooned simultaneously and we were very impressed with the effort he put into his solo stage to connect with the British audience. We’d hate to be the person to follow that act but Boys Republic maknae Suwoong came on stage and got the crowd screaming with his cute posing. Sure it had the fangirls at the front gushing but we needed more convincing. Then this adorable maknae comes out with a Sinatra classic, Fly Me to the Moon. And that kids, is how KCM fell in love with Boys Republic.

Boys republic London European Tour Sunwoo Angel solo stage

Not to be out-done, leader Onejunn showed us two very different sides as he played the piano and sang to us tenderly, then showing his charismatic side with his own song covers. Rappers Sungjun and Minsu then got the whole crowd jumping with a fun rendition of Uptown Funk. We were also treated to a performance by piano man Choi Min Soo who started out trying to act cool but even he couldn’t stop smiling as his lively piano tunes manage to get the Kpop crowd cheering and clapping along.

Boys Republic even invited some very lucky fans on to the stage for a hilarious quiz where Minsu’s charades skills were tested to the max. To be honest we thought the first team had it too easy. But lots of hugs and selfies were given all round so everyone was a winner.

Boys Republic London European Tour Suwoong maknae Sinatra solo stage

It was a brilliant and greatly organised night. Boys Republic’s European tour was very demanding as they travelled around performing at a new country every night but the boys were energetic and enthusiastic throughout. Boys Republic sure know how to put on a concert and no doubt many new Boys Republic fans were born that night. After the very positive response from all concert attendees, we hope Boys Republic will come back soon and sweep us off our feet once again.

For a few more photos from the night make sure you check out our Facebook page.

Boys Republic London European Tour aegyo fan service


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