Topp Dogg: Live in Europe 2015


After a rather long Kpop drought in the UK, Boys Republic reminded us just how fun Kpop concerts can be. Now September sees boy group TOPP DOGG travelling to Milan, Paris and London for a European showcase that will feature their first performance in the UK. Their debut was less than 2 years ago but they’ve already built up a very loyal fanbase named ToppKlass. UK ToppKlass members have also been working hard since the announcement in June, raising money for a fan project to ensure TOPP DOGG feels welcomed when they perform in London. Check out their GoFundMe page for more info and to help out! They’re very close to their target!

TOPP DOGG is from STARDOM entertainment which created BLOCK B whom are now with another agency but TOPP DOGG continues to carry a hip hop vibe. Their 2014 single Annie features some very MC Hammer inspired choreography. Make sure you check out their powerful debut single:

TOPP DOGG First Showcase 2015:
Live in Europe

Thurs, 3 Sept 2015, 19.30: Teatro Dal Verme, Milan, Italy

Fri, 4 Sept 2015, 19.30: Troxy, London, United Kingdom

Sun, 6 Sept 2015, 19.00: LE COMEDIA, Paris

Topp Dogg was formed by Stardom Entertainment in 2013. The group is made up of members; Jenissi, P-Goon, Gohn, Hojoon, Kidoh, Sangdo, Nakta, Hansol, B-Joo, Xero, A-Tom and Yano… Known for their powerful dance routines and charismatic on-stage performances, Topp Dogg is arguably one of the latest rising stars in the Korean Pop music industryJazzy Group

We’re not that familiar with the whole music industry but we’re pretty sure TOPP DOGG will be one of the biggest boy groups to perform in the UK with a whopping 13 members! Superjunior only brought 8 members for their Super Show 5 in London. Are you ready for the biggest Kpop concert in the UK???

Topp Dogg Jazzy Group

As this will be TOPP DOGG’s first ever showcase tour in Europe and the first UK Kpop venture for organisers Jazzy Group, there are a variety of tickets available with some very cool surprises for TOPP DOGG fans.


Time: Doors open 6:30pm, Concert at 7:30pm

Location: Troxy, 490 Commercial Road, London, E1 0HX
For travel information visit Troxy website location page


VVIP – £149 (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)
VIP – £119 (Includes hi-touch session passes)
Zone A – £79 (seating chart below)
Zone B – £49 (seating chart below)

Tickets will be available on Eventim via Troxy

Notes from Troxy website – Under 12′s must be accompanied by an adult. No DSLR or professional cameras permitted.

All VVIP ticket holders will have access to both a hi-touch (we’re guessing like a high five?) AND photo-opportunity session pass! While all VIP ticket holders will be able to attend an exclusive hi-touch session with the boys! – Jazzy Group



VVIP – €159 (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)
VIP – €129 (Includes hi-touch session passes)
Zone A – €79
Zone B – €49

Tickets will be available on


VVIP – €169 (Includes photo-opportunity session and hi-touch session passes)
VIP – €139 (Includes hi-touch session passes)
Zone A – €89
Zone B – €59

Tickets will be available on

As we are a UK based website, the information we have on the Milan and Paris concerts are limited. Please visit the Jazzy Group website for more information. And make sure you subscribe to their Facebook Page for all the latest information

In the meantime check out TOPP DOGG’s Arario which feature some traditional Korean vibes, just in time to get you in the mood for the London Korean Festival at Trafalgar square:

TOPP DOGG also has a very special channel on YouTube featuring many covers including a cover of Ellie Goulding’s Love me like you do. These covers allow TOPP DOGG to show off a very different side to their strong stage image. We’re hoping for some very special stages on their European Showcase! Follow me, follow…


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