Topp Dogg Showcase in London

Topp Dogg London Showcase

Topp Dogg’s European Showcase was very different from your standard Kpop concert tour and this was evident from the very beginning as Topp Dogg started each concert with a surprise pillow fight outside the venue in front of queueing fans. A hilarious display of Topp Dogg’s playful personalities.

Topp Dogg London Troxy ATOM

The concert started with the overwhelming 12 members of Topp Dogg bursting onto the stage for a very energetic performance of the appropriately named Open the Door. Throughout the concert we were rather impressed with Topp Dogg’s unique and interesting use of props, we especially loved the Topp Dogg customised fans!

Topp Dogg London Fans props

Although we were familiar with Topp Dogg’s music, we weren’t really familiar with the members as they were such a large group. But being a showcase we were able to meet each member of Topp Dogg and throughout the night there were lots of chatting segment where the group interacted with the audience, provided a lot of fan service and was given a chance to show off all their individual personalities. There was also a special moment where fans were picked via raffle tickets and taken on stage to play a very special game with Topp Dogg.

Topp Dogg was definitely here to impress as they worked hard on doing something especially for the European audience. It all started with the very familiar Uptown Funk. Then the London audience was treated to a surprise and very special live version of Ellie Goulding’s Love me like you do. A cover which they have already revealed on YouTube ahead of the European Tour. Members of Topp Dogg have also been very busy with special film projects to share with the audience which further reflected their playful personalities. We personally loved the haunted house video!

topp dogg london showcase atom blond afro hair

Atom’s amazing hair; so fabulous it brings a tear to his eye

It was a fun night although the set up of Troxy was not ideal for a Kpop concert. We appreciated a sit down concert which is generally a lot safer for everyone all around. But Topp Dogg were surprising energetic despite performing in Italy only the night before and many fans just wanted to jump up and dance. British Topp Klass were absolutely amazing, from the screams to the singing along, they even had a very special cake made which they were allowed to present to Topp Dogg on stage.

We had a great time seeing Topp Dogg live and getting to know the band better. With Kpop being so saturated with new groups in the last few years, we’re feeling very loved that Topp Dogg chose to come over for a showcase to introduce themselves. Many thanks Jazzy Grouup and we wish Topp Dogg a great career and hopefully they will come back and perform at a packed out venue soon! For more photos from the night visit our Facebook Page.

Topp Dogg London Topp Klass Cake


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