Infinite Effect concert in London 2015

Infinite Effect London October 2015

Friday saw Infinite’s second UK concert at Shepherd’s Bush Empire and Infinite completely packed out the venue, proving their incredible international popularity. The stalls were filled right to the back and all three balconies were roaring with fans from all over world waving banners and flags.

It has been just under two years since Infinite’s first UK concert, One Great Step and with their current tour Infinite Effect, you can really see how much Sunggyu, Dongwoo, Sungyeol, Woohyun, Hoya, L and Sungjong have grown in this time. There were no giant teddy bear and cute serenades, Infinite gave us strong and powerful performances all night. With their most recent singles Back and Bad, they were able to show off their more grown up and manly image which the crowds loved it. Woohyun and leader Sunggyu each performed a solo stage and for all those missing a bit of aegyo, Infinite F were on hand with their charming and adorable smiles to make everyone swoon.

Infinite Effect London Infinite H Hoya Dongwoo

Unfortunately Hoya was still not able to participate in Infinite’s complex and energetic choreography and had to sit on the edge of the stage. But he was able to join Dongwoo in an Infinite H performance and still managed to walk up and down the stage to interact with fans during some of the less intense and more casual sets. He was also able to perform Infinite’s new song Wake Up due to the more laid back choreography.

Infinite even brought over a live band which was impressive but the sound levels weren’t quite perfect on the night as it was quite hard to hear the boys, especially during the talking segments. We’re guessing no one could have predicted the sheer volume of screaming  an audience of this modestly sized venue could achieve. It’s the Infinite Effect *badumtsk*

Infinite Effect London UK 2015 Dongwoo Live band

Infinite gives thanks to the live band

Infinite Effect was no doubt the most anticipated UK Kpop concert this year and had the largest turn out. We were very fortunate to be sat on level two and was able to really enjoy the concert, but the craziness of the stalls has really distracted from the very successful concert. Many of us watch in terror as the whole entire audience standing in the stalls swayed so crazily, it put even the most hardcore punk rock mosh pits to shame. And afterwards we heard a lot of horror stories of the violence that went on in the stalls. We hope no one was seriously hurt and we know how frustrating and upsetting it can be to have the night ruined by a few inconsiderate others. Kpop fans are known for their passion and when you only get one chance to see your idol, it can get very competitive and out of hand.

We met a lot of lovely Infinite fans and we know a lot of people made new friends in the queues. The support and love from fellow fans online to all those in the stalls after the concert has been beautiful and we hope this has restored people’s faith in their fellow Kpop fans. This concert will definitely be a learning curve for all future organisers.

Infinite Effect London UK L Hoya Woohyun

We hope everyone managed to find some enjoyment in the concert and to not let this dampen their love for the boys. Infinite gave it their all and tried their best to ensure people stepped back. The boys gave the ultimate fan service as they constantly smiled and waved at everyone from the stalls up to the level three balcony. All the members even took it in turns, using fan’s mobile phones to take personal selfies; these boys are technological selfie kings!

Infinite Effect London Sungyeol selfie

It was a very fun concert and we really enjoyed ourselves. The boys were amazing (as always) and on top form with their signature super insyncness. They also performed a lot of their singles, from the very enthusiastic thrusting that is Paradise to their very cool new single Bad. It was definitely a Kpop highlight of the year for us and dare we say our favourite UK Kpop concert due to the much more intimate venue.

Many thanks to Onion Production for bringing Infinite over and we especially want to give a  MASSIVE thanks to our friend Andre of the Shepherd’s Bush Empire security team who is an absolute legend!

Please do check out the rest of our photos in our Facebook page and we hope we can all leave with some happy Infinite memories :)

Infinite Effect London Shepherd Bush Empire Sunggyu Songwoo Sungyeol L

Happy leader Sunggyu is happy :D


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