To keep up to date of all things Korean in the British media make sure you subscribe to our Facebook page or twitter where all the latest news is posted. Below is a few of our articles:


Kpop Segment on Channel 4 – September 2012

South Korea on The Gadget Show – December 2011

Trying to get Kpop played on British Radio – November 2011

BigBang at the MTV EMA awards – November 2011


Stylist on Park Geun-hye – May 2013

Dongdaemun Fashions in LOOK Magazine – May 2013

SHINee in Bliss Magazine – April 2012

Manbags & Make Up in Shortlist Mag – April 2012

Plastic Surgery & Men in Shortlist Mag – April 2012

SNSD in LOOK Magazine – December 2012

Flower boys, Soldiers and BB Cream – December 2012

Korean celebrities in Japanese magazines – November 2011



The Sun looks at sights to see in Korea – April 2013

Kpop article in The Guardian – December 2011

What The Guardian says about Kpop – December 2011


The Shocking Truth about Shoddy Journalism – June 2012

Recognising Men as Victims too – May 2012

London Olympics Opening Ceremony Poll – January 2012

Kpop at the top of the London Olympics Poll – January 2012

Kpop on iTunes – December 2011

Kpop available at – November 2011

Kpop found in HMV store – November 2011

Kpop Channel on YouTube – November 2011


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