Kpop Concerts


Infinite in London, Infinite Effect October 2015

Infinite Effect in London, Concert information

TOPP DOGG Showcase Live in Europe – September 2015

TOPP DOGG Showcase Live in Europe, Concert information

London Korean Festival featuring F(x) – August 2015

London Korean Festival information – with special performance by F(x) and Guckkasten

London Korean Festival Coverage

Boys Republic Royal Tour in Europe – July 2015

Boys Republic Royal Tour in Europe, Concert information

Boys Republic, Interview

Boys Republic in London. The Concert


UKISS Scandal in Europe – September 2014

UKISS Scandal in Europe, Concert information

UKISS Scandal in London. The Concert

B.A.P Live on Earth – April 2014

B.A.P Live on Earth Europe attack! London Concert information

B.A.P Live on Earth London attack! The Concert

SS501’s Park Jung Min – January 2014

Park Jung Min European Tour


Super Junior Super Show 5 – November 2013

SS5 stop announced for London!

SS5 Concert Review

Infinite in London – November 2013

Infinite world tour stop announced in London

One Great Step concert Review

Jay Park in London – September 2013

Jay Park’s UK stop announced

Win a meet and greet with Jay Park!

Jay Park’s London Concert write up with pictures and Press Conference Video
– with Special opening act VICTOR

Jay Park and Victor Concert Review


Teen Top in London – February 2013

Teen Top London 2013

Teen Top tickets to go on sale

Teen Top – More info about concert

Teen Top Concert in London


BigBang in London – December 2012

BigBang London Concert Announced

BigBang Alive in London Review

CN Blue in London – September 2012

CN Blue concert in London announced

CN Blue interview

CN Blue’s 1st London concert

MBC Culture Festival UK – June 2012

EXO-K, 4Minute, Norazo

MBC Cultural Festival, 23rd June London - Review!MBC’s Culture Festival in London Announced

MBC Culture Festival Culture Stages

MBC Culture Festival Kpop Stages

MBC Culture Festival Sold Out!

MBC Culture Festival: EXO-K Lightstick Project

MBC Culture Festival: Review!


Shinee London LKFF 2011SHINee in London

All that glitters is SHINee

Stalking, er, finding SHINee

SHINee’s arrival in London: Part 1

SHINee’s arrival in London: Part 2

SHINee’s arrival in London: Part 3

Random Encounter

SHINee at Odeon account coming up!

SHINee at the Odeon: Part 1

SHINee at the Odeon: Part 2

Will SHINee come back to London?

SHINee at the KCC

United CUBE in London

United CUBE London: End performance United CUBE in London!

Win United CUBE tickets with The Metro

Who are CUBE?

CUBE arrive at Heathrow

Stay tuned to United CUBE reviews!

United CUBE London: Hello Ladies, Hello CUBE

United CUBE London: Trouble Maker

United CUBE London: Hyuna ‘Bubble Pop’

United CUBE London: G.NA

United CUBE London: 4Minute

United CUBE London: Beast

United CUBE London: End Performance

United CUBE London: Press Call


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