General Kpop

Special Reports

Behind the Scenes: KBS Music Bank

Interview with Mnet Jjang’s Jake 

Psy Press Conference in Seoul 2012

2013 Kpop Cover Dance Festival 2013

Kpop News and Reviews

For news about UK Kpop concerts, make sure you check out the Kpop Concerts page with information on all upcoming and past Kpop concerts

Infinite world tour stop announced in London – Jun 2013

Teen Top tickets to go on sale – Jan 2013

BigBang London Concert Announced – Oct 2013

CN Blue concert in London announced – Aug 2013

Kpop Olympics – Jul 2012

MBC’s Culture Festival in London Announced – Jun 2012

MNET 20’s Choice to be broadcast online – Jun 2012

Kpop festival in London, June: Messages to MBC – Jan 2012

Hide and seek with Siwon in London – Jan 2012

M-Live’s FNC Stand Up Tour – Feb 2012

Album Review: BigBang – Feb 2012

Drama caused by unofficial Olympics poll – Jan 2012

Kpop at the 2012 Olympics – Jan 2012

YouTube Kpop channel – Dec 2011

CJ E&M Making dreams come true – Dec 2011

Album Review: G.NA ‘Top Girl’ – Dec 2011

Free Korean Music Calendar for 2012 – Dec 2011

Kpop found in HMV store – Nov 2011

United CUBE in London – Nov 2011

Calling all FT Island and CN Blue fans – Nov 2011

SM ‘global’ auditions – Nov 2011

Kpop available at – Nov 2011

Super Junior global world tour – Nov 2011

YouTube to launch Kpop channel – Nov 2011

SHINee in London – Nov 2011

Kpop starting with a BigBang! – Oct 2011

Kpop Fun

Gurupop Show – one of our favourite Kpop shows, it’s educational too!

2012 Year of the Rookies – we love new Kpop groups!

Kpop Practice Videos – discover the wonderful world of Kpop dance through the practice videos

Blond Ambition in Kpop– everyone is going blond in Kpop and we love it!

Mathematics of Kpop bands – the crazy world of Kpop groups and their ever changing members

JoKwon = Harry Potter? – Kpop concepts inspired by our favourite wizard!

UV MV shot in London – check out the cool Beatles inspired MV shot in London

English Kpop or English Khip hop? – will English Kpop be successful with it’s interesting translations?

T-ara makes us Cry Cry – T-ara’s Cry Cry MV is headache inducing

Selfridges: Kpop and LG – UK superstore has Kpop on their TV screens!

Christmas Kpop Songs 2011

Why is Kpop so popular?


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