UK Hallyu

All things hallyu happening in the UK. For news of events and concerts, please check the dedicated pages: HERE

Hallyu in UK Media

Kpop Segment to be aired on British TV

Trying to get Kpop played on British Radio

SNSD in LOOK Magazine (issue 3 December 2012)

SHINee in Bliss Magazine (issue April 2012)

Kpop news in the UK

Profitable Hallyu wave

Too much ‘pop’ not enough ‘K’?

Riding the Hallyu Wave

Kpop festival in London, June: Messages to MBC – January 2012

Hide and Seek with Siwon in London – January 2012

Kang Gary in London – January 2012

United Kpop making 2012 Kpoptastic

Kpop on iTunes – December 2011

Boxing Day Present from South Korea – December 2011

BigBang bouncing over to Belfast – 2011

Where is BigBang? – 2011

BigBang wins MTV EMA’s 2011

Kpop availability in the UK

Hmart in New Malden opens Kpop shop – October 2014

HMV London – UK’s number one music store brings Kpop to their shelves!

Kpop available at

Kpop found in HMV store

More Kpop at HMV

Mr. HMV making a BigBang

How fans can shape Kpop at HMV

HMV Update: Cheaper on HMV online & free delivery

2012 HMV starring DBSK

Back to HMV – Kpop makes it to the ground floor

HMV Flashmob

HMV Flashmob takes place

HMV Expanding Kpop

HMV Feb 2012 Update


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