UK Kpop Events

For news on Kpop concerts, check out the Kpop Concerts page

Kpop Agency Auditions in the UK

JYP Auditions in London – June 2013

YG Auditions in UK – June 2012

Preparing for YG Auditions – June 2012

What went on in the YG Auditions – June 2012

Avance Auditions

Kpop Events in the UK

DJ Masa live in London

The Hallyu Stage – Dec 2013

Interview with Team Invasian

Kpop Academy from the KCC UK

Hallyu UK presents SHINee Tour at Cinema – June 2013

Kpop Dance Cover Contest 2013: UK Round Results – June 2013

All Eyes on Korea: Bus Tour – Summer 2012

K-Star Ent Workshop – Summer 2012

London Oppan Style Flashmob – October 2012

All Age Kpop Party – August 2012

Second All Age Kpop Party – July 2012

KCC 4th Kpop Night – April 2012

All Eyes on Korea: Kpop Night at KCC – April 2012

All Age Kpop Party – March 2012

London Anime Con J/Kpop party – February 2012

HMV Flashmob takes place – February 2012

HMV Flashmob – January 2012

London Kpop Lovers Party – December 2011

Kpop Lovers Party 28th Dec – December 2011

NYE with UK Kpop Team – December 2011

London Flashmob with cameo appearance – November 2011

LoKo Kpop Dance Workshops

London Kpop Dance Workshops

I’m going LoKo

LoKo Feb Dance Workshop

LoKo Sunbae Workshop

LoKo ‘I Know You!’ Workshop

LoKo SHINee Workshop

LoKo’s 1st Birthday


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