Cultural Galleries

General Culture

A Midsummer Night’s Dream at The Globe

MBC Festival 2012 – Cultural Acts

SNSD at Burberry, London

Korea Foundation Gallery at British Museum

British Museum Korean Foundation Gallery

MCM Bus London


Hampton Court Food Festival

KCC Festival Kpop Tour Bus

MBC Festival 2012 – Cultural Acts

MBC Festival 2012 – Kpop Dance Cover Team

MBC Festival 2012 – Park Sul Nyeo’s Hanboks

Thames Festival 2012 – All Eyes on Korea

Thames Festival 2012 – Kpop Competition


Hampton Court Food Festival

Home cooking with Kiejo

Restaurant Guides


London Korean Film Festival 2012

Year of the 4 Actors 2013

Ryoo Seung-wan at TFEFF’13


Korean Traditional Music Today

Korea Rocks tour in Camden

Pre-gig interview pics with Goonam and Gate Flowers for Korea Rocks

K-Music Forum at KCC UK

National Orchestra of Korea


London Olympics

Olympics Opening


Catsuda Cat Cafe

Jeonju Film Studio Complex


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