Posts about our travels in South Korea

Our South Korean experience

Asiana Airlines Review

Psy Press Conference in Seoul

Behind the Scenes: KBS Music Bank


Kim Soo Hyun @ Incheon Airport

Studio Ghibli Exhibition – Seoul, ends March 2015

Incheon Airport

First night in Seoul and Namsan Tower

Teddy Bear Museums at N-Tower

Cheonggyecheon Stream

Gyeongbokgung Palace

Insadong and Tteok Museum

Sunday @ Insadong

Miso Performance

Cat Cafes

Banpo Bridge

Baseball in South Korea

Lotus Lantern Festival – April 2014

Andre Kim Exhibition – National Folk Museum of Korea

King Sejong Yeouido Monument


Jeonju Bibimbap at 가족회관

Jeonju’s Hanok Village

Hakingdang Hanok Guest House

Tea, Dying and Pansori in Jeonju

Jeonju Film Complex

Other locations in South Korea

Seonyudo MT style

Jangja Island

Gunsan Modern History Museum

Jinpo Marine Theme Park, Gunsan

Goyang City

Goyang City: K-Dramas

We hope to travel back to South Korea soon! If you have any suggestions of what kind of posts you would like to see please let us know! :)


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